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Check the winners for the Someone Like Me Art Competition!

The #SomeoneLikeMe Art Competition 2023 – 2024 has officially concluded!

We want to extend our sincere appreciation to all the talented participants who shared their creativity and passion to promote inclusivity through art. We truly hope that you enjoyed the Lesson Plans and Activities and had fun creating your pieces of art.

The competition prompted participants to explore the concept of non-visible disabilities and express these ideas through their artwork. We are excited to announce that the winning entries have been posted in the winners gallery for everyone to admire and celebrate.

For inspiration for your future artistic endeavours, we invite you to explore the winners gallery showcasing the exceptional winning entries from this year’s competition. Thank you to all who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

Winners Gallery



A piece of paper with child's drawing of a rainbow and people
A piece of paper with a child's drawing of people and a landscape


A piece of paper with a silhouette of a child and a speach bubble
Puppet theather with human silhouettes
A piece of paper with a colorful child's drawing of butterflies and flowers
A group of children standing in a circle in a classroom with a sign in the middle
A cardboar with collage of planet earth and cardboard hands sticked on it
A cardboar with a drawing of children's faces surounding planet earth


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