Entry Deadline Extended for the National ‘Someone Like Me’ Art Competition

As part of ‘Covid-proofing’ this year’s Someone Like Me art competition, the National Disability Authority is delighted to announce that it will be extending the deadline for entries to Friday the 18th of December, 2020. As we approach the Christmas period in primary schools across Ireland, we hope this allows your pupils to put the finishing touches on their creations, or if they haven’t started yet, there’s still plenty of time to enter and win some fantastic prizes up to the value of €750 for your school!

Someone Like Me aims to promote disability awareness amongst primary school pupils and give them a better understanding of what unites children of different abilities. We have designed curriculum-linked junior and senior lesson plans and it couldn’t be any easier to enter. Simply, complete your lesson plan and encourage your pupils to create a piece of art based on what they’ve learned followed by a short-written description. This can be anything they can think of such as a painting or sculpture – imagination is key!

Prizes are awarded to a junior and senior winner in every county as well as an overall national winner so there are some great opportunities to win! You will find more information and extra resources on our website. 

You can send us your entries via email to someonelikeme@realnation.ie or by post to Someone Like Me Project Office, Real Nation, 24 Arran Quay, Dublin 7 

If you have any questions, please contact (01) 522 4815